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Barbe Noël

"Barbe Noël" is a beer of a higher category and is brewed with water, malt, hops and yeast. The stamwort content of the "Barbe Noël" is at 16 Hl ° Plato.
The light burned malts give the deep golden blond color. The spicy hops the fresh bitter taste. After the brewing process the beer is fermented for a first time during    14 days. During the second lagering the beer gets a fuller taste. These lagering takes an end when an alcohol percentage of 7.2% ABV is reached.

  • Type of beer : Christmas beer
  • Color : gold blond
  • Fermentation : top fermentation
  • Alcohol : 7.2 % alc. vol.
  • Wort extract : 16 Hl°Plato
  • Packaging, bottles : 33cl
  • Packaging, kegs : 15l